Kibbutz Ein Shemer hosts one of the most amazing early and completely restored collection of tractors at the “Michael Hanger”. What makes this collection so unique is the amount of detailed work invested by our team to restore the tractors back to their original condition sometimes as early as 18150! Come visit history in the making at Kibbutz Ein Shemer. Please confirm the business hours for both museum and tractor hanger by phone +972-4-637-4237 or by email

“Motorized plow “Stock” (Germany, 1910)

Imported to Israel in 1912. The motorized plow, which was called “The Mechanical Mule,” was one stage in the transition from horse-drawn plowing to tractor plowing.

A standard horse-drawn tractor is attached at the rear. Instead of the horses, the plow is towed by puller wheels powered by a gasoline engine. From the premises of Nira and Yehuda Lerner, Gedera.

Stationary threshing machine corn on the cob (USA, 1920)

Corn-threshing machines were imported to Israel at the beginning of the 20th century. The first machines were operated manually, afterwards by steam engines, and finally by tractors.Donated by the Kisluk factory, Afula.

Steam Engine (Messers Ruston’s Portable Engine, England, 18150)

TD TD International -6 (International TD-6, USA, 1946)

Medium-sized tractor for field work.Diesel engine with gasoline ignition.Donated by Yossi Mandel, Moshav Rinatiyya

Stock (Germany, 1912)

Pvardson (Fordson Tractor, Detroit, USA, 1917)

Pvardson (Fordson Tractor, England, 1922)

The engine operates on gasoline and kerosene.In the past it was used for working the fields: plowing, cultivating, planting and transport.

Cub / United (International Harvester Farmall Cub, USA, 1945)
The tractor is equipped with a plow, seeder, cultivation tools and transport equipment. It was designed for use in a family homestead, as a replacement for work animals. Donated by Danny Levy and family, from the Tel Mond region.

International w9 Y. (International w9, USA, 1940)

Gasoline and kerosene engine.A heavy, strong tractor. Imported to Israel in the 1940s, and used for working fields together with crawl tractors. Purchased with the help of the Younes family, in the Kfar Menahem region, who were partners in the ownership of the tractor.

McCormick – HP J. Diihring 10-20 (McCormick-Deering 10-20 HP, USA, 1922)Gasoline and kerosene engine.Widely used in Israel from the 1930s to the 1950s for working with grain and tilling fields.Donated by Oved Michaeli and the kindergarten children of Kibbutz Ginegar.

Case D (Case D, USA, 1937) Medium-sized tractor for working fields.Donated by the members of Kibbutz Hama’apil.

Caterpillar Twente – Tu (22)
(Twenty Two Caterpiller, USA, 1920)20-hp engine; operates on gasoline and kerosene. Located in the grain fields of Kibbutz Maayan Zvi.

Oliver 80 (Oliver 80, United States, 1935)

The 30-hp engine operates on gasoline and kerosene.Located in the grain fields of Kibbutz Maayan Zvi.Donated by the members of Kibbutz Maayan Zvi.

Oliver 1990 (Oliver 1990, USA, 1935)

The 40-hp engine operates on gasoline and kerosene.The tractor was designed for working fields that need high power: plowing, basic cultivation and transport.The tractor is equipped with a driving gear for operating threshing machines, water pumps and stationary agricultural tools.Donated by the members and kindergarten children of Kibbutz Maaleh Hahamisha.

Oliver 88 ( Oliver Row Crop 88 , United States, 1948)
This tractor represents a new generation of tractors.The tractor was designed to be multi-purpose; it was unique in that it made it possible to adjust the distance between its wheels and thus adapt to the distance between the rows of crops in the field.It is designed for all forms of working the land.Donated by the members of Kibbutz Ayalon.

HG Oliver, crawled HG (Oliver HG, United States, 1947)

A crawl tractor with an engine that operates on gasoline and kerosene.It is designed for working the land between rows in plantations and vineyards.Donated by Moshe Ganz of Kfar Pines.

John Deir B (Jown Deere B, USA, 1942)
Engine operates on gasoline and kerosene.Belongs to the class of tractors designed for working the land between rows and for general types of work in the field.Donated by the members and kindergarten children of Kibbutz Maagan Michael.

Alice U (Allis Chalmers U, USA, 1929) Engine operates on gasoline and kerosene.One of the tractors in wide use in the fields of Israel from the 1930s to the 1950s. It is designed for working fields, working the land, planting and harvesting.Donated by the members of Moshav Shitufi Moledet and the members of Kibbutz Heftziba.

Alice G (Allis Chalmers G, USA, 1947)

Lance Bulldog (Lanz Bulldog, Germany, 1950)

LA Case (Case LA, USA, 1929)

Massey Harris 44 (Messey Harris 44, United States, 1940)

J. Rye (Empire 1990, the United States, 1946)


Tyke (Israel, 1956)

Pramel M (Farmall M, USA, 1939)

Caterpillar 2D (Caterpillar D, USA, 1938)

D Caterpillar 2D (Caterpillar D, USA, 1941)


Ferguson TE 20 Ferguson TE 20 England 1948)