Kibbutz Tour and Falafel Dinner

On arrival, a kibbutz member will meet us and guide us on a tour of the kibbutz.

We will start our tour with a visit to the kibbutz museum where we will take part in the kibbutz journey from the early days of the kibbutz to the present.

The special life of the kibbutz is based on sharing in all aspects and ways of life. We will learn how the members did this in the past and discover what changes they have made in the present.
The museum tour will be followed by a movie about the kibbutz’s history.

We will then continue with an exciting tractor ride of the kibbutz. Through the journey, we will visit a number of different stations connected to the past and present of the kibbutz. We will see the dairy farm, the industrial section and the family and children’s accommodation. The amazing greenery of the kibbutz fields will accompany us throughout the ride.

At the end of the tractor tour, we will arrive at a special workshop where retired kibbutz members create arts and crafts as their daily work.

We will complete the evening with a great Israeli meal of falafel in the old courtyard of the kibbutz.


  • Pita bread
  • Fresh falafel balls
  • Mini cheese pastries
  • Humus and tehina
  • French fries
  • Fresh vegetable salad, cabbage salad and pickles
  • Ice cream
  • Water and juice
  • Tea and coffee

* The meal will be served buffet style (standing meal)

* Possibility to change the order of the visit according to the group’s needs

* The above option is for a minimum of 45 people in the group

* Option to add lunch in the with best regards main kibbutz dining room, see menu.